For several years, cloud gaming has been gaining momentum, and the idea of ​​seeing a video game Netflix is ​​regularly agitated by a company like Microsoft which advances on the Xbox Cloud Gaming. The project is not lacking in ambition: to allow everyone to play games remotely from their PC or phone. For this, it is also necessary to have a very high speed connection and that the service does not involve too much latency.

Towards the end of the used games market?

For its part, Sony also places a lot of hope on on-demand gaming as evidenced by this patent filing spotted by TorrentFreak. Called “System and method for streaming game video”, it looks back on the big changes that cloud gaming could bring to the video game industry.

The Japanese firm is focusing in particular on piracy which could be purely and simply eliminated. The company explains as follows:

Games can no longer be hacked as they are today. As each game is stored and run at the hosting service level, users do not have access to the underlying program code, so there is nothing to hack. Even if a user were to copy the source code, they would not be able to run the code on a standard game console or personal computer.

Sony is clearly optimistic, but we also know that hackers have always known in the past to find solutions to continue to exploit the flaws of systems deemed inviolable.

For the rest, the patent considers that cloud gaming is a boon for conquering new markets. So while the cost of a game console remains high for many people around the world, reasonably priced subscription offers could allow newcomers to take the plunge. The giants of the industry would also find themselves there because we would also see the disappearance of the second-hand games market.