Sony secures its future PlayStation range

A few days ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment confirmed the arrival, at the end of the year 2020, the new PlayStation 5. A console obviously eagerly awaited, which will be confronted besides the Xbox Scarlett, and which should offer different elements backward compatibility, a feature now very dear to players.

But Sony already sees much further for its PlayStation range, since the group has already filed the names PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9 and even PS10! Obviously, this allows Sony to secure the future of the PlayStation range, and to prevent a third party decides to use this name for any purpose.

joystick playstation x cross

© Sony

The PlayStation 10 in 2050?

For the record, remember that Sony launched its PlayStation in 1994, but that the name "PS" was secured in 2000, at the same time as the name "PS2". Subsequently, Sony played the security, by filing the name "PS3" in 2005, a few months before its availability in stores.

For its part, the name "PS4" was filed in 2006, for an output of the console in 2013. Finally, the name "PS5" had also been filed in the year 2006, for a release of the machine end 2020 so.

Of course, the giants of the high-tech industry (and others) now have the habit of filing patents long years before the availability of a product or technology. This does not necessarily indicate the confirmation of a product, and it is above all a way for the brand to " to secure "A product or technology home, just in case.

As far as Sony is concerned, according to the usual schedule, the PlayStation 10 console could see the light of day around 2050. In the meantime, let's remember that we should be able to enjoy the fastest console in the world. at the end of next year, with the arrival of the (already) highly anticipated PlayStation 5. We now expect to know the design of the machine, and the games that will appear in the line-up, with probably some pretty surprises …