Even if Microsoft monopolizes all the attention with its Xbox Game Pass offer, Sony has been offering its PS Now platform for a few years now. The operation is not identical to the Microsoft service, since the PS Now is based on a principle of streaming, but the subscriber has access to several hundred games, from previous generations, up to the PS4. The service is available on PS4 and PS5, but also on PC.

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PS Now games coming soon in Full HD 1080p!

A streaming service that we were able to test on a rather classic ADSL connection, but which had shown very good results. Obviously, in order to avoid any form of problem, Sony had taken care to reduce the display of PS Now games to a 720p resolution, which is a bit stingy in the age of 4K (and even 8K). .

Also, the Japanese giant has formalized the fact that PS Now games will now be able to be streamed in Full HD 1080p. The update will be done in waves, and will be spread over the next few weeks, in all countries where PS Now is available. In this regard, PS Now has recently hosted a slew of new games, including Marvel’s Avengers.

Obviously, if the PS Now service, like many cloud gaming or video streaming services, is optimal for those who have a Fiber connection, a good ADSL connection may be sufficient. In this regard, it is possible to download PS4 games (on PS4 and PS5) to enjoy better stability.

As a reminder, you can try PlayStation Now for free for 7 days. If you wish to subscribe, several options are available to you with the monthly subscription of 9.99 euros, the quarterly at 24.99 euros or the annual at 59.99 €.