This is not necessarily obvious in stores and on online sales sites, but the PS5 has been available in France since November 19. The new Sony console will obviously coexist for a few months with the (more than) 115 million PS4s in the world, and will soon take the place of the latter.

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Sony has already slowed the production rate of its PS4

On the Sony side, even though we delivered a record number of PlayStation 5s at the end of 2020, we have already decided to slow down the pace with regard to the production of the “old” PS4. Indeed, according to various Japanese retailers, some PS4 references are no longer produced.

The Japanese official site lists the 500 Go Jet Black model as well… and that’s it. There is no longer any mention of the Glacier White models, or even the 1 or 2 TB models, not to mention the PS4 Pro. Regarding the latter, it is rumored that deliveries were stopped as early as last September.

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Obviously, this does not mean the end of the PS4, and we can still, for a few months, find the Sony console in stores. However, stocks will gradually become increasingly scarce, when stocks of PS5 will conversely become more and more present on the shelves (we hope so anyway).

It remains to be seen whether the Sony PS5 will manage to do as well as its big sister, which is the second best-selling PlayStation model in the world, behind the unmistakable PS2. Remember that the PlayStation 2, launched in 2000, accounts for a total of 155 million sales worldwide. An absolute record obviously for a living room console.