Available since November 2020, the PS5 is a huge hit across the world (despite the many stock issues). Since its release, the console has already received a first major update to add a lot of things and correct some small stability issues. Sony announces today that a new big update is planned for this year and that the company is looking for volunteers to preview the next updates in order to give them a comeback. Ready to become a beta tester?

New updates on PS5 before everyone else

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It is therefore through its official blog that Sony announced the news. The company is launching its beta tester program to allow the community to preview future updates to the PS5. The idea is to be able to give feedback and note bugs and other issues to be resolved while waiting for the final update to be deployed.

You can register now at this address to apply for the program. For this you must be an 18 year old player living in the United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany or France. If you are selected, you will receive an email allowing you to download the new update.

Sony advises that you will be automatically added to the group of potential participants of future beta programs for the PS5 system software without having to re-register. You don’t have to have a lot of experience in the update test and you will of course have plenty of advice on your different roles.

Also note that if you are selected, you will be able to restore the latest official version of your system software even before the beta program ends. So, if you aren’t happy with the new update, or some bugs are bothering you, you won’t have to stick with the beta.

In the last big update (last April), new features were introduced such as extended USB storage, Intergenerational Share Play, a redesigned Game Base and other improvements to the interface and social features.

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