Tonight was the big event, after many months of waiting, Sony finally took the floor to unveil the first PlayStation 5 games, but also, and above all, the design of the console. At least consoles, because yes, there will be two models at the launch of the latter. If you want to discover all the announcements of this night, the big summary is available here with all the trailers in 4K.

PlayStation 5 arrives in late 2020

After a nice one hour conference, Sony closes the show with the reveal of the design of the PlayStation 5. It's the end of the suspense, the console is black and white like the famous DualSense which was unveiled in April 2020. The little surprise? It's that there won't be one, but two PS5 consoles at launch.

PS5 - PlayStation 5 Horizontal

© PlayStation

Scheduled for the end of 2020, the PS5 is revealed in two elegant futuristic white dresses with a black body in the center of these. A console that is directly inspired by the DualSense controller. The little extra? Blue lighting on the sides of the console that make everything very classy. The console can be positioned upright (vertically) or lying down (horizontally).

PS5 Digital

© PlayStation

The console will also be available in… two copies! While for many years rumors have been announcing two Xbox consoles for the new generation, it is finally Sony that surprises everyone with two consoles. For the moment, no difference in power. However, the second console will be a “Digital” edition. A version without 4K Ultra HD disc player that will logically have a lower price. It is very curious to see Sony moving towards this strategy. Is the firm in the process of moving towards an alternative solution to the Xbox Game Pass to offer a very advantageous subscription system to highlight dematerialized games? Case to follow.

Accessories for the launch of the PS5

PS5 Controller Chargers

© PlayStation

Sony also plans to launch several accessories to support the launch of its console. We start with a "charge" controller that will charge two DualSense at the same time.

PS5 3D Headphones

© PlayStation

The sound on PS5 will be pretty incredible, according to Sony. So, logically, a Pulse 3D headset will also be offered when the console is released. A very elegant helmet that takes up the design of the console and the controller.

Camera HD PS5

© PlayStation

Sony has already announced that PS4 accessories will be backward compatible on PS5. Thus, the PlayStation VR headset will be compatible. And even if the PS Camera should be, Sony will offer a new version of the latter again in line with the console and the controller. Clean and elegant black and white design. Will PSVR 2 also adopt this design?

PS5 remote control

© PlayStation

Finally, a remote control will also be available when the console is launched. This seems to indicate that the PS5 will be very oriented towards streaming services and applications. For the moment, Sony has not detailed the characteristics of this accessory.

New information should be revealed in the coming weeks around the PS5 and its universe, but also around its games. The console is still scheduled for the end of 2020.