A few weeks ago, Sony announced the final closure of the PS Store stores for its PS3, PSP and PS Vita consoles. An announcement that then caused an uproar from players, so that Sony finally decided to reverse its decision (with regard to the PS3 and PS Vita stores). However, this same PS Store is today at the heart of a legal attack, for “illegal monopoly“.

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The PS Store in an illegal monopoly situation?

Indeed, many are the players to criticize the way in which Sony distributes the games in dematerialized format, since they can be bought only… via the PS Store. Indeed, the Japanese giant has banned, since 2019, third-party resellers (such as Amazon to name but one) from selling PlayStation game download codes. To purchase a PlayStation game digitally, the PS Store is therefore mandatory.

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A monopoly situation which is not in line with the law according to various complainants, and which therefore allows Sony to regulate prices as it sees fit. And with this little game, it is not uncommon to see the Japanese giant inflate the prices of games on its PS Store, at launch, but also throughout the life cycle of a title.

For example, the very recent Resident Evil Village (for which our full test can be found here) is offered for less than € 50 on Amazon in its PS5 version, while the version offered via the PS Store is at € 69.99 . And when we know that Sony now offers a PS5 Digital Edition without a disc player, this requires the player to pay a high price for his game.

The heart of the concern lies in the fact that since 2019 Sony has been preventing any form of competition in the market for games in dematerialized format, which would allow certain games to be displayed at a price 175% higher in digital version than in digital version. physical. To be continued…