Presidio Perfect-Clear Compatible with MagSafe is designed to work flawlessly with all Apple MagSafe accessories. This case has been independently lab-tested for multiple real-life situations, including extreme drops. The built-in magnets are separately tested to ensure longevity for daily use with MagSafe, proven to be secure, effective and reliable. Presidio Perfect-Clear Compatible with MagSafe creates a seamless wireless charging experience every time. The case is designed to be durable and slim, with the same superior 13-foot drop protection as our Presidio Perfect-Clear cases.

Our Presidio Perfect-Clear coating offers flawless clarity, resisting discoloration and yellowing. It features a built-in antimicrobial treatment from Microban that delivers a 99% reduction in stain and odor-causing bacteria on the case, creating a cleaner surface. The raised bezel helps create an added edge to protect your screen from scratching or shattering if your phone falls and lands face-down. Speck has ensured every part of the design integrates into your routine and gives you the protection and confidence you need.

Presidio Perfect-Clear Compatible with MagSafe for the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max is available now on

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