Millions of songs just by looking for them, countless artists, albums and all the music accessible from the phone and with just an Internet connection. Even without it, that the Premium version of Spotify allows download playlists to phone for anyone to put a soundtrack to their life even on a desert island. And it doesn't have to be very expensive, which is always the option of Family Premium.

Do you have Spotify Premium with your family? Well, surely you share music with each other to discover the rest of this fashion theme in the United States or the soundtrack of a movie that has just premiered on the billboard. And of course, as for tastes the colors, surely you don't know all the music who listen to those who share the Spotify subscription with you. But there is a very original way to meet her: Spotify Family Mix.

Spotify Family Mix, family playlist

Spotify finds out what your family listens to Spotify Family Mix on Android

In Spotify it is very simple to share playlists since it is enough to access the options of these lists and choose the corresponding menu. Now, they need a manual action; something that slightly tarnishes the surprise of discovering what others hear. And since all members of the family Premium subscription share that subscription, why not automatically share the songs they hear?

Spotify Family List is not a new playlist since it takes several months in mobile applications, it is also accessible from the web player. Yes it is not too well known, so it never hurts to take a look. With it not only new music is discovered, but also the tastes of all the people who share a subscription.

To access the Spotify Family List You just need to do the following:

  • Enter your Spotify application and go to Start.
  • Scroll down to the "Made for (your name)" section and move the cards from right to left to locate Family Mix.
  • Click on the list and sign up. The rest of the family must do the same.
  • Once everyone has access to Spotify Family Mix, you will see the preferred styles of the members of the Spotify Premium subscription; and you will have access to a shared music list where the service will mix the most listened songs for each account.
  • Spotify offers three playback styles: normal (varied music), Relax (quiet music) and Anime (more stimulating songs). You can play any of the modes. And you will see in each song to whom the theme belongs.
  • Remember that this list is only valid for those who use familiar Spotify Premium.
Spotify Family Mix on iOS

The list is a very original way to share the themes that everyone listens to. In addition, it allows you to graphically visualize the music styles that best fit, also if others usually listen to the same artists and genres. If you still didn't know her, we recommend you sign up for Spotify Family Mix.