It's funny, but despite the prevailing competition, talk about streaming audio is to do it from Spotify With an amazing inertia. The popular application, the best known by users, is not alone and so we find more interesting alternatives such as Tidal, Apple Music or Amazon Prime Music.

Without being the one that offers the most audio quality, Spotify is still the main option to have our music always available thanks to the different options it offers with free and paid plans. And encompassed in this last modality, today announced the launch of Spotify Kids.

App for iOS and Android

Kids Spotify 2

Spotify Kids is a twist we know so far. No, it is not a new modality or type of subscription and is that Spotify Kids is one more app that you can benefit from those users who are subscribed to a Premium Family Plan.

Initially, Spotify Kids it will be available only through a beta version and in Ireland, waiting for later to reach markets where the aforementioned Premium Family Plan is available. To access Spotify Kids you will need to download an application available on Google Play and iOS.

Kids for Android

This new option is designed for children from 3 years old, something like YouTube Kids, HBO Kids or Netflix Kids but in video mode. The difference is that we have to think about what music can offer to delimit the ages of listeners.

Spotify Kids is developed taking into account above all the security and privacy of the little ones, but also controlling the available content. Thus there is an abundance of music, soundtracks and stories to be heard by children, alone or in family.

Among the options offered is the possibility of listening to content with your own user account, explicit content filtering or playback of favorite songs without an internet connection, an improvement that is available starting only on iOS devices. These are some of the features of Spotify Kids:

  • Spotify Kids does not contain ads, since it is part of the Premium Family Plan.
  • All content is manually selected by publishers, which ensures that the content available is appropriate for children.
  • The application is designed to protect the privacy of children and offer peace of mind to parents thanks to parental control. Parents can select the option of "Audio for younger children" or "Audio for older children”.

Spotify Kids arrives in the form of a beta version application in a single market, Ireland, although it will expand over time as new improvements are incorporated. Spotify Kids is available exclusively to Premium Family Plan subscribers at no additional cost and can be downloaded to any iOS or Android device once the application is available in the market.

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