Since its release last November, owners of PlayStation 5 and PS5 Digital Edition have faced some storage problems. Indeed, with an SSD of only 825GB, consoles quickly find themselves running out of space. Until now, it was possible to add an external hard drive to install PS4 games that do not require the power of the PS5.

After more than eight months of waiting, Sony is finally on the verge of making its consoles compatible with SSD extensions. Here is the first information and the conditions to be respected to be able to extend the storage capacity of your machine.

The first SSDs are coming to PS5

SSD M2 Internal PS5

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

It is therefore on its official website that PlayStation unveiled the first information concerning the addition of an SSD on PS5. Until now, PS5 games could only be installed and launched from the console’s original internal SSD. In a few days, players who are members of the beta tester program will be able to add a storage medium via an internal M.2 SSD.

As you can see, not all SSDs will be compatible with your PS5. It will be necessary to make sure to have an internal M.2 which exists in several models allowing to have a storage capacity of up to 4TB (for more than 1100 € all the same).

SSD M2 Internal PS5

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Thanks to its diagrams, we get a few more details about the compatible M.2 SSDs on PS5.

  • Interface: M.2 NVMe PCIe Gen4 x4 SSD
  • Capacity: 250 GB to 4 TB
  • Cooling structure: Required to be used on the PS5
  • Sequential read speed: Speed ​​of at least 5,500MB / s recommended
  • Module width: 22mm (25mm wide discs not supported)
  • Format: 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280 and 22110 (type M.2).
  • Socket Type: Socket 3 (M key)
  • Total dimensions with cooling structure: NS. 110mm (length) x 25mm (width) x 11.25mm (height)
  • Length (depending on the model): 30 mm, 42 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm, 110 mm
  • Width : The total structure must not exceed 25 mm (0.984 in).
  • Height: LThe total height of the M.2 solid-state drive must be less than 11.25 mm (0.442 in.). The space under the card should be less than 2.45 mm (0.096 in).
SSD M2 Internal PS5

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

Note, however, that the price of M.2 SSDs is still quite steep. Count around 187 € for a 500GB model. More than 303 € for a 1TB model and finally, nearly 1171 € for the larger 4TB model.

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