The problem is well known to Steam users. Libraries are often full of games that have not been tried yet, and some will never be. Customers of the platform have in fact got into the habit of accumulating titles bought very cheaply as part of sales or bundles. But due to lack of time, they pile up and we end up being overwhelmed to the point of not seeing very clearly.

Steam relies on artificial intelligence

Valve has found a solution to this problem. As part of its latest update, it is rolling out the "008 experience" on Steam. This new tool offers you titles from your library that may interest you based on your habits. To do this, the algorithm relies on machine learning to stick as much as possible to your aspirations.

The "Play Next" option is available to all users who have completed the latest Steam update. To access it, you must go to the library section of the platform. The results seem rather to the appointment and during the small test carried out, Play Next advised me of the rather relevant games.

Steam already uses artificial intelligence as part of its recommendation tools. The functionality can thus offer you games from the store that you should enjoy based on your shopping habits and your consultations, or even the time spent playing. This option, very appreciable, allows to filter using ds tags and to search only among very popular or niche games. What find the rare pearl without spending hours.

To access this very useful new system, simply go to the dedicated web page or directly to your Steam software.