During this period of containment, Steam must manage an unprecedented influx of visitors. Only two weeks ago, the platform exploded its record for players connected simultaneously with 20,313,451 users present at the same time. This peak does not seem to affect its operation and there are currently no major bugs to report.

Features to manage your connection

Valve however wanted to give some valuable advice to its users by publishing a note on the management of their bandwidths. She explains in particular that the connection speed can be impacted locally due to the too large number of people connected in a household. Steam therefore decided to act by announcing a common sense measure:

For games you haven't played recently, Steam has already scheduled updates for times outside of peak times in your area. Starting this week, these updates are now spread over several days. Only games that you have launched in the past 3 days will be updated immediately. As usual, the update will start as soon as you launch the game, and you can always start or pause it from the download manager. We are also actively working to improve the situation on our side.

Steam also reminds players that they have several useful features to help prevent these connection slowdowns. In particular, there is an option to schedule automatic updates. It is also possible to stop downloading updates automatically while keeping the games installed on your computer. Finally, you can also decrease your connection speed to Steam to allow other users to take advantage of the bandwidth too.

As a reminder, Steam has just developed a very effective AI to allow you to find the ideal game.