Over the weekend, Steam exploded its record for players connected simultaneously to its dedicated video game service. This new symbolic milestone was exceeded during the weekend with no less than 20,313,451 users present on the platform at the same time. Of that total, more than 6.4 million were playing a video game.

The last Steam record was established at 19 million, a number already very substantial, but not so far from this new record.

Steam record

© Steam

In terms of video games, users have taken advantage of Steam to turn to classics such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which has accumulated by less than 1,024,845 simultaneous players, a peak which has enabled it to rise to the rank of most popular game of the weekend. The game’s audience has been on the rise for at least several weeks.

So far, the game has never passed the million mark, so it took the opportunity to thank users on Twitter a few hours later.

On the Steam podium, we also find the presence of Dota 2 and PUBG with respectively 701,632 and 515,050 players connected simultaneously. The two games are the only ones to have reached the million player mark in the past.

New records already to be expected for Steam?

Obviously, the new record set by Steam this weekend is not unrelated to health news around the world. In several countries, including France, the authorities have taken measures to confine people to their homes, closing at the same time many establishments deemed unnecessary during this period. As a result, many of the users ended up at home this weekend.

It would not be surprising if the service broke new records in the days and weeks to come, especially if containment became total in France. Similarly, Netflix and other streaming services as well as video games are expected to experience strong increases in traffic. Unable to be seen outside, users will find themselves online.