Since their launch last November, the new Xbox Series X and PS5 have suffered from a permanent shortage of stocks, which is particularly frustrating for gamers. Impossible indeed to acquire a console “next-gen“, Without having to scrutinize the sections“tips“, Under penalty of seeing a meager restock spinning in just a few seconds…

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Stockouts that will continue according to AMD

A shortage that can be explained by serious production concerns with regard to certain essential components of the PS5 and Xbox Series X. AMD CEO Lisa Su recently indicated that this component shortage would last a few more months. The latter believes that the return “to normal” will not be done before the second half of this year 2021. It would therefore be necessary to wait until the summer to be able to buy, more or less peacefully, its video game console.

Information that accompanied AMD’s latest fiscal results (which are obviously excellent), with components such as the Zen-3 CPU or the RX 6000 GPUs, whose production has terribly difficult to keep up with the hellish pace imposed by the AMD customers, including Sony and Microsoft.

According to AMD, many components “at low price”Will be affected for a few more months by this very limited production, while the more high-end components should return to stock more quickly. It remains to be seen whether it will be possible to get your hands, easily, on a PS5 or an Xbox Series X for the holiday season.

Note that if the breakdown of components affects AMD, it also concerns its great rival, Nvidia, which for its part is struggling to offer a sufficient stock of its RTX 30xx graphics cards. A shortage of stocks which should last here until April …