Google Stadia already on the Android PlayStore!

You can wait (perhaps …) impatiently for the launch of Google Stadia, then you will be delighted to know that you can now download the official app on your Android smartphone. Indeed, a little tour on the PlayStore can download the precious application.

Do not hope, however, to play Google Stadia from the installed application. Indeed, the launch of the service is still scheduled for November 19, with a gradual deployment that is more. Understand that Google will distribute the activation keys in a dropper, and according to the order of arrival.

Google Stadia Android app

By launching the application (already translated into French), it is nevertheless possible to select an account, in addition to viewing a large artwork of Destiny 2. This also triggers a small pop-up window that says " Waking up the GPUs In the English version, and " In the hunt for cryptides At home.

Therefore, the user is invited to enter the valuable activation code, which will be sent soon by Google, to finalize his registration, and start playing.

Google Stadia invitation code

Nothing more before November 19th?

Of course, without the code in question, you can not go further for the moment on this Google Stadia application. The most curious will also notice that, although the application has just landed on the PlayStore, the latter is already version number 1.45.278447916.

Date Official Release Google Stadia

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Recall that Google Stadia will be launched on November 19, and accessible only (initially) to those who took the care of pre-order the thing via a Founder's Edition or a Premiere Edition.

It remains to be seen now how the Google service will behave from a strictly technical point of view, but also what will be the reception reserved by the players for this new service which, for the time being, still lacks some arguments to really convince players give up their old plastic console for this 100% dematerialized service.