While this Tuesday, November 10 marks the arrival in stores of the long-awaited Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S from Microsoft, Sony has chosen this period to broadcast the launch trailer for its new PlayStation 5, but the Japanese group has also put in online a FAQ allowing to answer the main questions of the players.

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USB game storage on PS5 for “later”

As we know, the new next-gen consoles are now delivered with a precious SSD, with a capacity of 512 GB for the Xbox Series S, and 1 TB for the Xbox Series X and PS5. While Microsoft’s consoles already support external storage devices, the PS5 won’t, at least not right away.

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Indeed, on its official blog, Sony explains that the possibility of adding M.2 SSD storage will be integrated after the launch of the console, as part of a system update. Sony will also give information about the type of storage drive that will be compatible with its PS5, and recommend gamers for now. “Not to buy M.2 SSDs for the PS5”.

Sony also explains: “ On some PS5 games, players can also choose to remove specific modes or content to free up storage space. Developers will decide the level of support for this feature, but the goal is to maximize storage flexibility. ” We already know that the publisher Activision will offer this function on the new Call of Duty, which will require more than 130 GB of storage …

Bulk, Sony’s FAQ reveals that the PS5 will not be compatible with 1440p resolution, that the interface will not allow to use a theme or create folders (as is the case on PS4), that no web browser will be integrated into the console or that the PS5 automatically records the last 60 minutes of play, in 4K, which can be retrieved by the user via the new Create button.