Over the months, streamers on Twitch have had to adapt to a slew of new rules to not get banned and continue to stream live without a hitch. However, the latest seems to be the taste that breaks the camel’s back. The platform owned by Amazon has just announced a hunt for streamers who created an account before their 13 years. If we consult the rules drafted by Twitch, we can clearly read that you must be over 13 years old to be eligible to have an account on the platform and possibly to broadcast live. So far, nothing abnormal, most social platforms have this rule.

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What has offended Twitch followers is the attitude of the platform since this announcement. Let’s take a concrete example to illustrate what Twitch has been doing for some time. AverageHarry is a British streamer who is now 15 years old. But when this Minecraft fan streamer applies to become a Twitch partner, the platform notices that his account was created when he was not yet 13 years old. Immediately, in addition to seeing his request refused, his account is deleted. A real blow to AverageHarry who had just passed the bar of 90,000 followers.

Incomprehensible and unequal decisions

AverageHarry is not an isolated case, many young steamers have been confronted with this situation. Fortunately, AverageHarry and the others can count on the support of many Internet users who denounce a certain hypocrisy in the actions of Twitch. First, the first reviews relate to the age of the streamers. Admittedly they were not in the rules when they started, but they are it now, the incomprehension is total for this decision making.

Additionally, it looks like Twitch doesn’t enforce the same rules for all of its streamers. Indeed, Bugha, the 2019 Fortnite solo world champion, is also an ultra-popular streamer since he has more than 4 million subscribers. However, if he is currently 18 years old, he started streaming when he was only 12. Oddly, this account with more than 4 million subscribers was not banned by Twitch. This is also the case with Fresh, another streamer with more than 4 million subscribers who started streaming at 10 years old.

Tommyinnit’s Twitch account was made when he was 11 years old. Gross hypocrisy from Twitch or what? from r / LivestreamFail


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