A team of researchers at Stanford University recently saw one of their studies published. Particularity of the latter, it concerns Apple Watch and iPhone.

More specifically, scientists Neils Rens, Neil Gandhi and their team have highlighted the importance of the Apple Watch and the iPhone in monitoring the health status of patients with cardiovascular disease.

In short, it has been shown that the duo of Apple devices makes it possible to follow, with 90% accuracy, the evolution of a fragility syndrome that can occur with normal aging, but also following a cardiovascular accident.

This 90% accuracy rate was obtained in a clinical environment. The test was also done with patients in a non-clinical environment, at the home of each of the subjects, therefore.

In this case, the precision drops to 83%, but still very good.

In the context of this study, iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 3 were used, along with the VascTrac app, in 110 patients. The measurements were carried out between May 2018 and May 2019.

The conclusion of the study therefore highlights that once again, the Apple Watch can be an excellent ally in monitoring the health of patients at home.

Introduced as a luxury accessory in 2015, the Apple Watch has grown into a health accessory over the years. This change in strategy led by Apple has been rather well felt, the watch is now one of the benchmark devices in the field of connected health.

It is rumored that the Californian giant would work on the integration in its watch of a function of measurement of the tension, while the other great advance in the matter would be the possibility of measuring blood sugar levels, a feature that would also be studied in the laboratories of Cupertino.

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