Video games are a great way of socializing for children. This is what a study conducted by the company HyperX in the United Kingdom suggests. The survey made it possible to interview young people aged between 13 and 18, as well as their parents, to better understand the role of this leisure activity during the health crisis.

In detail, we observe that more than half of adolescents revealed having used video games to stay in contact with their friends during periods of confinement. This social dimension is reflected in the results. We can see that three out of five young people prefer to play games with others.

Games that are good for your mental health

Their parents agree with this, and many believe it has helped maintain their children’s mental health. On the downside, however, many of them consider gaming to be a time-consuming activity. Only 33% think this is the best use of time.

Cited by the BBC, Dieter Declercq, Senior Lecturer in Film and Media Studies at the University of Kent, explains: “ Gambling is an important way for teens to socialize with their friends – and the importance of the social function of gambling became even more significant during lockdown. This social function of play is of course very valuable at a time when physical interaction is less possible.

This survey joins the conclusions of a study by the Oxford Internet Institute according to which the players who devote the most time to the gaming world say they are the happiest. This finding surprised scientists and goes against all the research carried out over the past forty years on this subject.

However, certain nuances should be brought to this result. The analysis only focused on two games: Animal Crossing and Plants vs Zombies. Researchers have also found that gamers who feel a need to play, particularly to avoid stress or anxiety, continue to report less satisfaction with their experience.