We were a little disappointed when Apple revealed the new iPhone SE last year. Unlike the 2016 original, it wasn’t great news for fans of small phones, with the same proportions and dated design as the iPhone 8. Then came the iPhone 12 mini which, while more expensive, is much sleeker (and smaller). But if the next iPhone SE looks anything like this stunning new concept, we’ll be first in line.

Based on new rumours that the iPhone SE will feature a larger display with a punch-hole camera in 2023, the notch-less concept is a tantalising glimpse at what future iPhones might look like. Our best camera phones roundup had better start making some (hypothetical) space.

iPhone SE 3 concept

The new iPhone SE concept (Image credit: Apple Lab)

We’ve heard plenty of rumours that the iPhone 13 might do away with the infamous notch – and if that’s the case, it makes sense that the new iPhone SE might follow suit a couple of years later. For anyone looking to get the most out of the best apps for designers, anything that increases screen real estate can only be a good thing – we like what we see with this punch-hole camera.

iPhone SE concept

The concept features just one camera lens (Image credit: Apple Lab)

Aside from the camera, perhaps the other most striking detail here is those white bezels. This would be a new look for an all-screen iPhone – but with the beautiful new iMac introducing white bezels to the Mac for the first time, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine them coming to mobile

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