Google Stadia is a new way to play video games. A simple, fast way, the concept of which is to play without a console via Cloud Gaming. Announced last year at the Game Developers Conference, the service has a hard time attracting gamers around the world. Fully functional, but sorely lacking in content.

After eight months of silence, Google hosted a second "Stadia Connect" last night to reveal the future of Google Stadia. Summary of the main announcements of this short moment. Is Google's comeback?

In the preamble to the program, Google of course recalled that the "Stadia" service is now available in 14 countries (including France). Since its launch last November, it was only possible to fall for the “pro” and paid version. It is now possible to subscribe to the service free of charge. For this, nothing could be simpler, just go to the official Stadia website and log in with a Gmail address. . Do not hesitate to consult our article for more details. Google also said that if you want to try the "Pro" version, you will be offered two months with two games to choose from a selection that is far from incredible.

5 EA games to come

So we learn that five EA games will arrive (late) on Stadia. Because yes, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, the next Madden and the next FIFA will be on the program! But suddenly, we will have to wait until the fall to benefit from these games. Suffice to say that announcing these games now is quite interesting, but also anecdotal since they will not be available for several months. Note that two unannounced Electronic Arts games are also on the program for this fall. Google will talk about their partnership with EA later this year.

Octopath Traveler on Stadia

The very good Octopath Traverler is also arriving on Stadia. This is a game (from 2018) released only on Switch and PC (in June 2019). Two years after its release, the game arrives (at a high price of € 59.99). Note that this game is still not available on PS4 and Xbox One.

It will also be the arrival of the latest Zombies Army 4: Dead War, which arrives on May 1 for € 49.99. A spin-off of the series which once again allows us to spend many hours killing Nazi zombies. The Stadia version will be accompanied by the additional mission “Blood Count”.

PUBG launches into Cloud Gaming!

Another big announcement of the evening is the arrival of the famous PUBG. The game is available now, it is completely cross-play (so you can play online against PS4, Xbox players…). The game is offered at a price of € 29.99. It is free for Stadia Pro players. The game is also available in several versions:


  • The basic game
  • The Survivor Pass: Cold Front
  • A set of skins exclusive to Stadia


  • The basic game
  • The Survivor Pass: Cold Front
  • A set of skins exclusive to Stadia
  • 6000 G-Coins
  • The Brown Hat Ranger Set
  • The Ivory School Uniform Set
  • The Cheerleader Set
  • The Factory Worker Set
  • The Hipster Set

Beside these announcements, a multitude of small undesirable games or the height of the double "A" were presented (about ten). Although the service is evolving little by little, we can clearly feel the will of Google to reach a very large audience of occasional players, but that it is not yet with this kind of thing that the service will reach experienced players. Business to follow during the year with new potential partnerships.