The retrogaming has definitely the wind in its sails. At an auction organized by the American house Heritage Auctions, a video game broke the auction record for such a product.

20 participants fought to obtain a game cartridge Super Mario Bros. 3 on Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the first Japanese home console. The starting price, set at 53,000 euros, flew to 132,000 euros. The reason for this historic auction? This is a first edition sealed, blistered cartridge (never opened).

With this record auction, this cartridge of Super Mario Bros. 3 bECOMES the most expensive video game of all time. It breaks the record held by Super Mario Bros. since last July. The cartridge was auctioned for $ 114,000. This is much more than the prototype of the game sold “only” 31,200 dollars.

Super Mario Bros 3: one of the best-selling games in history

Super Mario Bros. 3 was born in 1988 in Japan, 1990 in the United States and 1991 in Europe, at a time when delayed releases were rife. Very quickly, the game was a huge success. In total, Nintendo has sold no less than 18 million copies, ranking it among the best-selling games in video game history.

Developed under the leadership of Shigeru Miyamoto, this third edition of Super Mario features Mario and Luigi, the world’s most famous plumbers, who set out on an epic journey through eight worlds to save the rulers of each of the Kingdom’s seven regions. Mushroom.

This third opus takes up the elements of gameplay from previous editions. The characters move horizontally and must cross the obstacles and enemies blocking their way. Nintendo is introducing new actions there. Characters are no longer only able to run or jump, they can also fly or hover thanks to special objects (more numerous), slide along the slopes or perform new types of jumps.

Mostly, this third part inaugurates the cooperative game. For the first time, two players can play as Mario and Luigi simultaneously to complete their missions. A small revolution illustrating the playful dimension of video games in Japanese.

With Super Mario Bros. 3, Nintendo did not really revolutionize the genre but brought a breath of fresh air to the license. Obviously, it is still emulated today. Moral of the story: consider putting a game or two aside, it could prove to be a great investment for the future.