A few weeks ago, Sony confirmed its intention to close, in the course of the summer, the PS Store virtual stores of the PS3, PSP and PS Vita. A decision that surprised many players, with consoles that would no longer be able to access their digital store, with the impossibility of downloading games, DLC … However, and against all expectations, Sony has just returned to its decision.

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The PS Store PS3 and PS Vita will not close (but that of the PSP yes)

Sony Interactive Entertainment explains, through its CEO Jim Ryan: “We recently warned players that the PlayStation Store on PS3 and PS Vita will be shutting down this summer. However, after careful consideration, we realized that we had made the wrong decision. That’s why I’m delighted to announce today that we’re ultimately not going to close the PlayStation Store on PS3 and PS Vita. On the other hand, it will disappear well from the PSP on July 2, 2021, as planned.

Indeed, following the announcement of the closure of the PS Store, many players have displayed their dissatisfaction with Sony. Indeed, although some players today enjoy the PS5, some still take a real pleasure in enjoying the many games offered by the old PS3, whose PS Store is literally overflowing with hits. Ditto for the PS Vita, with a portable console that has failed to find the path to success, despite obvious qualities.

I am also delighted that we can leave this part of our history unscathed for gamers, while focusing on new game worlds on PS4, PS5 and the next generation of virtual reality.”Explains Jim Ryan. On this subject, remember that the next major title of the PS5 is a certain The Returnal, to come at the end of the month, without forgetting Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, expected for its part on June 11.

A disaster backpedal that is somewhat reminiscent of the Xbox division a few months ago. Indeed, Microsoft had decided to significantly increase the price of its Xbox Live Gold subscription. Again, faced with the discontent of the players, the American giant had been forced to reverse its decision … the next day.