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Tesla is rolling out an update to its Autopilot software allowing the car to detect and comply with traffic lights as well as Stop signs. Great anticipation of the software is required to avoid accidents.

When in use, the Tesla Autopilot will now allow the autonomous car to slow down and stop at traffic lights when necessary. Likewise, the vehicle will stop at Stop signs at intersections. The driver must indicate that he validates the crossing of the intersection after the car has stopped.

An update limited to the latest Tesla equipped with the Autopilot option

The update will be deployed only on Tesla produced since 2019 and equipped with "Hardware 3", the first serial installation of which began last year. For older models, it is possible to update your car through Tesla to benefit from this new function.

Of course, these new features can only work with the option " Fully autonomous driving ability »Billed € 6,300 with the purchase of a new Tesla.

Many videos on YouTube have appeared in recent days to show the effectiveness of the detection of Tesla's autopilot lights.

AutoPilot mode needs to learn from Tesla's fleet in circulation

For the moment, Tesla is being very careful with this update which includes a large margin of anticipation, in particular in danger zones including pedestrians, rain or sun blindness.

As usual, the company will develop its software based on data collected in different situations by its fleet of vehicles in circulation.

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However, this important evolution of automatic piloting presents two size limits. First, the car will not be able to restart on its own after stopping. The driver will have to indicate to him that he validates the crossing of the intersection via a light press on the accelerator pedal or by the gearbox control.

Then, the management of level crossings is not yet supported by the Autopilot. Given the danger and serious accidents that can result from a careless crossing of level crossings, Tesla has not yet taken the risk of integrating it into automatic piloting.

Source: The Verge