Tesla Cybertruck

Based on data provided by 1,800 members of the Tesla community, the CybertruckTalk.com forum managed to put together a top 10 of the countries with the most pre-orders for Electric Cybertruck. Unsurprisingly, the United States takes first place in this ranking.

On November 22, 2019, Elon Musk and his teams lifted the veil on the long-awaited electric pickup truck from the Tesla brand, I named the Cybertruck. A mastodon with a striking design but oh so daring, registering in the space of a week no less than 250,000 pre-orders, then 500,000 since last February. A number of reservations to be tempered with regard to the deposit requested by the company, 100 dollars "only".

The USA in love with Cybertruck

The fact is that Cybertruck has generated a lot of interest among consumers. That's why the CybertruckTalk.com forum had fun listing the ten countries with the most pre-orders, based on data from over 1,800 community members. No official figure has been published by Tesla: this ranking is therefore based on estimates, insists the specialized site Electrek.

Tesla Cybertruck

Is it really astonishing to find the United States on the first place of the podium with 76.25% of the reservations? No, in terms of the American automotive culture, which has been seduced for several decades already by the pick-up segment. Behind, Canada (10.43%) takes the place of the dolphin, followed by Australia (3.16%). Then you have to turn to Europe to complete this top 10.

Famous figures on the Old Continent

In order: United Kingdom (1.39%), Norway (1.11%), Germany (1.05%), Sweden (0.83%), Netherlands (0.67%), France (0.44%) and Iceland (0.44%). The question being: what percentage of users will transform their reservation into a final purchase act? Answer in the coming months, the high-end versions of the Cybertruck being expected during the 2021 vintage.

Source: Electrek