Gigafactory Tesla

Tesla's first quarter of 2020 was marked by a total of 88,400 deliveries, mainly composed of Model 3 and Y. A global figure lower than that of Q4 2019, without being alarming either.

The American manufacturer Tesla had completed its year 2019 with brilliance, because marked at the time by a record deliveries recorded during the fourth quarter: approximately 112,000 vehicles sent to the four corners of the planet. The start of the 2020 vintage is certainly not as flattering, although it is useless to sound the alarm. Because each year since 2018, the first quarter of Tesla remains the worst, to better bounce back in stride.

The success of the Model 3 / Y

As evidenced by the Q1 of this new decade, marked by a total of 88,400 deliveries, which are distributed as follows: 12,200 Model S / X, against 76,200 Model 3 / Y. It is however regrettable that the firm from across the Atlantic merges the figures of its flagship vehicle with that of its new SUV. It would indeed have been interesting to observe in more detail the data of the recently launched Model Y.

Model Y

The fact is that the above-mentioned pair constitutes the majority of the orders listed on the official press release. In terms of production, the Model S / X reached 15,390 copies, when the Model 3 / Y tutored the 87,282 units. Or 102,672 in total, to follow closely behind the figures for the previous quarter (104,891).

Q2 impacted by coronavirus?

Now see how the global health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic will impact Tesla in Q2. If Chinese factories are gradually reopening, those in the United States are partially halted. The country of Uncle Sam being strongly affected by the virus with nearly 250,000 cases on April 3, 2020, the Gigafactory of the group could be suspended for a certain time.

Source: press release