After the various arms passes and show of force via social networks between Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla, and the American authorities, an agreement on the reopening of the factory was finally reached on Tuesday, May 12.

As of Wednesday, Fremont police have come to inspect the plant to verify security measures related to the installation and their proper functioning. Some employees had indicated that it would be impossible to respect this new organization given the nature of the work and the tasks to be performed. The visit was requested by the Alameda County Public Health Department.

The reopening of the Tesla plant is obviously conditional on compliance with strict rules aimed at protecting employees from coronavirus. These conditions have been discussed and sealed under an agreement including but not limited to physical distance, masks and screening tests.

Following the inspection, the police said they had access to the entire plant, but considered that Tesla was not fully operational. The factory therefore does not obtain compliance for the resumption of all of its activities and is currently limited to its basic activities.

No lawsuit initiated yet

As the measures are currently being implemented and the last exchanges with Tesla are in good faith, the police representative indicates that for the moment, he has not been ordered to investigate and initiate prosecutions. The findings of the inspection will be sent to the public health department. But if it turns out that Tesla is ultimately unable to comply with the security conditions, in this case the file will be sent to the county prosecutor who will decide whether to prosecute.

It should be recalled that the workers had been pressured by Elon Musk who threatened to have their unemployment benefits cut if they did not return to work, despite a formal ban by the authorities. The billionaire had not hesitated to play the big arms by indicating that the resumption of the activity of the factory was his only responsibility and that if someone should be arrested by the police, it was him.

Will this inspection, which is not entirely satisfactory in terms of security regulations, give rise to a new showdown between the American administration and Elon Musk? A blockage of activity, even partial, would obviously risk setting fire to the powder with the billionaire.