Tesla Cybertruck

The future pickup of the American manufacturer Tesla has been the subject of much ink since its announcement. The electric vehicle specialist has already registered 500,000 pre-orders for his future vehicle.

But there are also detractors who do not approve of the revolutionary style of this Cybertruck, considered a bit too futuristic for some when others describe it as the whim of the P.-D.G. from Tesla. The latter is also reviewing its copy to soften his future vehicle and return it a little more conventional.

Will CyberTruck have a more conventional line?

Elon Musk posted a tweet Friday in response to that of a surfer asking him what would change on the final version of Cybertruck.

If his answer suggests that the aesthetics would be taken from the beginning, it is ultimately nothing, and these are more evolutions of the prototype to a mass production model that are being studied.

Thus, Elon Musk specifies in a second tweet what the company is currently reviewing, in particular a reduction in the dimensions of the vehicle of around 3% which would make it more manageable, as well as an increase in the glass surface lateral, which would, at the same time, be made more " horizontal "

Summary changes

In the end, developments will therefore be quite limited. The few modifications will not distort the very original line of the Cybertruck, and will only make the vehicle more practical on a daily basis, with a more conventional size.

It did not take more for a user to make a 3D rendering, taking into account his new information. This synthetic image makes it possible to compare the original version presented by Tesla and the future version announced by Elon Musk this Friday.

Via: Inside EVs