Tesla 1 Million

A German owner of Tesla Model S has just passed the million-kilometer mark aboard his electric vehicle.

VDS Tesla Model S P85 (2013): One million kilometers

German driver Hansjörg Gemmingen is proud to have driven more than a million kilometers in his Tesla Model S. A Model S P85 was acquired in 2013, and the meter has recently released a total of a million kilometers.

Obviously, the German driver had to make various replacements during these years of use (including two changes of batteries and three engines), but it indicates that the last pack of batteries allowed him to traverse nearly 500 000 km, without too much degradation.

For the record, Hansjörg Gemmingen is what is called a " big wheeler », Not hesitating to travel several hundred kilometers every day. The latter expects to bring his Tesla S P85 up to two million kilometers.

Source: Electrek