Tesla Model S Shooting Brake

A Dutch car enthusiast joined forces with the bodybuilder Remetz Car to transform a Tesla Model S into a Shooting Brake version, now sold at 224,521 euros including tax. This model is simply one of a kind.

The names of Floris de Raadt and Remetz Car have been circulating in automotive press articles for several years. Particularly accompanied by designer Niels van Roij, the duo had fun transforming a Tesla Model S into a Shooting Brake version, the only copy of which has been put on sale today, can be read on JB Classic Cars.

A conversion to 145,000 euros

His price ? 224,521 euros including all taxes with 60,000 kilometers on the odometer. For information, the owner of the vehicle specifies how much it cost the conversion: 145,555 euros, to be added to the initial price of the vehicle. The fact is that this Tesla Model S Shooting Brake is the only one of its kind to exist in the world.

Tesla Model S Shooting Brake

However, a handful of models – twenty in number – were originally to be produced by RemetzCar, which however shut down in July 2018. The company had also distinguished itself in 2016 by transforming a Model S into a hearse. Proud of his hunting break stamped Tesla, Floris de Raadt did not hesitate to exhibit it here and there.

A success

Starting with the Palace Het Loo elegance competition in June 2018. The interested party then caused a sensation at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, where his vehicle based on a Model S P85 from 2013, but equipped with a front grille from 2016 , appeared in the aisles of the Swiss event. For a more than satisfactory result.

Tesla Model S Shooting Brake

Source: JB Classic Cars