Tesla Model Y

According to a Twitter response published by Elon Musk, the Tesla Model Y will wait for the completion of work on the Gigafactory 4 in Berlin to be delivered to the first European customers. The SUV should therefore not tip the tip of its nose on the Old Continent before 2021.

If the American manufacturer Tesla had hesitated for a while to build its Gigafactory 4 on the Franco-German border, its boss Elon Musk had finally decided otherwise by establishing its new production site near Berlin. A means for the firm across the Atlantic to position its pawns on European soil, a market large enough, therefore, to install one of its gargantuan factories.


Still in the development phase, this Gigafactory 4 will aim, among other things, to assemble the Model Y electric SUV. The latter has already landed in the garages of American owners, since the first deliveries of the Model Y have started March in the United States, but is still absent on the roads of the Old Continent. And this for at least a year, according to the words ofElon Musk posted on Twitter.

Tesla Model Y

A Swiss user asked him for the delivery date of the aforementioned vehicle in his native country. And the boss of SpaceX responds In about a year When the Gigafactory in Berlin is ready. It is a safe bet here that the Swiss State is not an exception within our continent, and that European deliveries therefore take place once the production starts.

Watch out for delay

It is still necessary that the factory does not fall too far behind in its construction. Construction of the Gigafactory 4 was able to resume after being paused for a week in February, following a complaint by environmental groups due to the 92 hectares of forest removed for the occasion.

Electrek also tells us that the site would be at a standstill today, because of a soil deemed too sandy, forcing the group to review their foundations.

Source: Electrek