Tesla has just released its second "Impact Report". In this new version, the American manufacturer has added a large number of data, each more fascinating than the other. These include information on vehicle efficiency, lifespan environmental footprint, and much more.

The first report was released last year and aimed to "Measure the impact of its products and activities on the environment and our communities". This year, you will understand, Tesla has gone even further by providing much more precise information.

We have selected two passages which seemed to us most important and representative of this report, here is the first: "The very purpose of Tesla's existence is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. As part of this mission, we are pleased to publish our second annual impact report. Transparency and disclosure are important to our customers, employees and shareholders, which is why we have expanded the content of the impact report this year. "

Then, the American company outbids by declaring: “While many environmental reports focus on the emissions generated by the product manufacturing phase and on future energy consumption targets, we are highlighting the full environmental impact of our products today . After all, the vast majority of emissions generated by vehicles today occur in the product use phase, that is, when consumers are driving their vehicles. We believe that providing information on both sides of the manufacturing-consumption equation gives a clearer picture of the environmental impact of Tesla products, and we did so this year largely through an analysis of the life cycle detailed in this report. "

Below you can view the full report and understand more about the company's motivations for the future, but also the big strides made so far.

2019 Tesla Impact Report on Scribd