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After announcing the Reverse Summon last week, which will allow Tesla drivers to leave their cars parked alone, Elon Musk is considering replacing Google Maps with its own cartography.

And with more than a million Tesla on the road today, all equipped with GPS and covered with sensors and cameras, the project does not seem so crazy. All the more after the P.-D.G. Tesla announced that the evolution of Smart Summon would be enabled by the collection of data from Tesla vehicles in circulation.

Tesla wants to take over

Less dependence on others, such would be the saying of the P.-D.G. from Tesla Motors. In the past, Elon Musk has already chosen to crowd out important partners such as NVIDIA or Mobileye, on the hardware and software part of its autonomous cars.

Tesla Reverse Summon

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Tesla has thus developed its own products in-house to gain greater control over them, and is preparing to do the same for the GPS part. At least that's what Elon Musk's response to the Third Row Tesla Podcast tweet suggests:

Over a million Tesla in circulation to collect data

All Tesla vehicles already collect billions of information on a daily basis, especially with regard to autonomous driving.

Tesla Autopilot

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Given its fleet of vehicles in circulation, it would not take a long time for Tesla to compete with the 16 million km of streets photographed by the vehicles used for Google Street View.

Enough to advance the Tesla FSD with information collected in real time by the brand's vehicles, allowing a rapid update of traffic conditions or even available parking spaces, without having to share this data with others builders.

Source: InsideEV