Tesla Reverse Summon

With the " Smart Summon Tesla are already able to get out of their parking space and reach you. Practical, but limited use. Also, Elon Musk tweeted this morning that Tesla was working on a major FSD update, incorporating the " Reverse Summon "

With " Reverse Summon », The car will be able to drop you off at your door and park alone, as soon as it finds a space available. This update should therefore be eagerly awaited by Tesla users, especially since it will include other interesting developments, strengthening the level of autonomy of the brand's vehicles.

And your Tesla will look for a parking space on its own

Arriving in a shopping center parking lot, stopping in front of the door and going shopping without having to look for a place … A dream for some, soon accessible to Tesla owners equipped with the Autopilot.

Indeed, the brand is working on this new function in order to allow the car to find itself a free parking space and park there without driver assistance. Note that Tesla could also use all of the brand's cars in circulation to map free parking spaces in the desired area.

This function, called Reverse Summon, will complement the current Smart Summon, which already allows a vehicle to reach its owner by geolocating its connected smartphone.

Important FSD update: one step closer to Tesla taxi robot

This important update to the FSD will also include a new functionality allowing the Autopilot to take account of traffic lights and stop signs. Already in the testing phase, this update should be deployed shortly in the United States.

For the moment, Elon Musk remains elusive as to the date of implementation of this update, whose operation may also be restricted outside the United States, due to the lack of European regulations governing such a level of autonomy on the public highway.

These new features will also allow the P.-D.G. Tesla to get closer to its Tesla driverless Robot Taxi project, a bit like what we saw in episode 7 of the last season of The X-Files… But if, remember:

Source: Electrek