Lines of code spotted by the hacker Tesla Green refer to a subscription system relating to the autonomous driving functionalities of Tesla electric vehicles. If the idea seems in any case to mature within the group's teams, the implementation of the project could wait.

The manufacturer Tesla has never hidden its desire to periodically raise the pricing structure of its Autopilot, as Elon Musk himself has announced several times. In April 2019, the option "Fully autonomous driving capacity" thus increased from 5,300 to 6,300 euros. The idea: the more its system is enriched with functionalities, the more it will cost.

A project that seems to be maturing

But the Californian manufacturer would obviously think of a completely different business model, according to the discoveries published on Twitter by the hacker Tesla Green, relayed by Electrek. The “pirate” indeed searched the code of his Tesla vehicle, and unearthed lines related to a subscription system relating to autonomous driving.

Tesla Model S

The interested party, however, wants to temper his discoveries: the said lines have been present for some time, which does not suggest an imminent deployment. On the other hand, the firm from across the Atlantic seems seduced by this project which it could set up in the future.

Many questions

However, several questions remain: would it be a monthly or annual subscription? What would be the price grids of the formula [s]? Will customers have the opportunity to customize their package by selecting this or that standalone feature according to their desires, needs and budget? So many questions that are currently pending.

Source: Electrek