While the shortage of masks has been one of the recurring topics for the past few weeks, another extremely important accessory is missing, it is the respirators. All over the world, companies have mobilized to remedy this critical situation, we are thinking in particular of Dyson, which went so far as to reinvent a model of respirator, there is also Tesla, which reopened one of its Gigafactory only in order to produce these respirators.

Precisely, Joseph Mardall, who directs this project at Tesla, took stock of the production of respirators within the company. He said those machines that have the ability to save lives are heavily based on parts used in the assembly of vehicles.

Indeed, a YouTube video shows how Tesla respirators are designed and we notice that a large number of components are identical to those of a Tesla Model 3. Respirators are generally used in critical cases of COVID-19, where the lungs are very affected and can no longer carry out an adequate oxygen exchange.

The device presented in the video is mainly controlled by the Model 3 computer system. The Tesla respirator uses the touch screen of the dashboard as a user interface for monitoring and the motherboard present in vehicles as the main computer system which allows actuate valves to control the air flow sent by the respirator.

Production of the respirator has not yet started, and Lars Moravy, Tesla’s vice president of automotive engineering, said it was still too early to discuss this milestone. "There is still a lot of work to do, but we are doing our best to make sure we can help some people", did he declare. For the moment, Tesla seems to be focusing on making this prototype a reality in order to launch production, which is why the company communicates very little about it.