The ranking of the best-selling smartphones for the first half of 2020 has been released, and has some surprises in store. Only three brands are represented in these top 10 places, with iPhone dominating. As almost every year, Apple therefore has the right to the largest share of the pie. Or apple pie, rather …

This is the ranking that makes smartphone manufacturers shudder: that of the best-selling models. Which innovations made the difference, which design appealed to the public, which brand continues to gain strength? So many answers that have just been answered, with the publication by the British firm Omdia of the ranking of the best sales of smartphones during the first half of 2020.

A particularly interesting ranking, especially in the case of Samsung. The Korean giant remains number 1 in overall sales, but only ranks one model in this top 10, against 4 in 2019 at the same period. The Galaxy A51, a high-performance mid-range, has indeed risen to second place in this ranking of the best-selling smartphones in the world since the start of the year, with 11.4 million copies. It is followed very closely by Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 8, with 11 million units sold, itself ahead of the Redmi Note 8 Pro, its little brother sold 10.2 million times. The Chinese manufacturer therefore continues to win, and now plays in the big leagues, alongside Samsung and Apple. Because it is the Cupertino company that dominates this ranking, in particular thanks to the iPhone 11, largely at the top of sales with … 37.7 million models sold worldwide since January 1, 2020!

As in 2019 with the iPhone XR, Apple thus comes out on top, and even allows itself to classify 5 devices in the top 10. The iPhone 11 and its versions 11 Pro Max (7th) and 11 Pro (10th), but also the more compact but powerful model, the iPhone SE (5th), and still the XR (6th), which was the star iPhone of the year 2019. A hell of a performance, which shows that the strategy of the brand at the apple bears fruit. The iPhone 12, which will be released about a year after the acclaimed iPhone 11 (available from 269 euros at SFR), will he be able to do as well?

Huawei resists, Samsung worries

It should come as no surprise to see Apple so powerful in this ranking. The American company is indeed at the center of all attention, with a solid fanbase which swears by its products, and only releases a few models. Obviously, with one or two new devices per year, users can focus on it. Unlike Samsung and Huawei, which offer a large number of models in all price ranges. The offer is therefore much wider, and sales are more important, because of more devices. Thus during the second quarter of 2020, Huawei had sold no less than 55.8 million smartphones (mainly in China), against 45.1 million for Apple, all the same in great shape, since achieving more than 25% of additional sales by report for the second quarter of 2019!

On the other hand, the same concern for Samsung, which although well in the lead in the first quarter (55 million devices sold) and second for the second quarter (53.7 million), is doing much worse than in 2019, with respectively – 25% and -30% of devices sold! A very bad start to 2020 for the brand, which will therefore hope that its amazing Galaxy S20, Note 20 and Z Fold 2, very high-end innovative, manage to raise the bar in the coming months …

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