Decidedly, the Apple brand is very active in the first half of 2020. After the release of the iPhone SE, this time it is Apple’s headphones, the AirPods Pro, which could be released very soon in a Lite version.

After the release of the iPhone SE, Apple could therefore continue to work on its entry-level products. In any case, this is what many rumors say, referring to the upcoming release of new AirPods Pro Lite.

In the same way that the iPhone SE is a kind of low cost version of the iPhone 11 (the chip equipping it is the same, giving it identical power, but the design is more sober and the options less “crazy” ), AirPods Pro Lite would be offered at a more affordable price, but with lesser specs. The difference with the classic AirPods Pro would therefore be in the level of active noise reduction, which the Lite models would not offer. The design would however be exactly the same, and the price necessarily lower. The site MacRumors evokes an amount of 159 dollars, against 249 currently for the AirPods Pro. A significant difference, which could encourage new users (the owners of the iPhone SE?) to cross the threshold of wireless headphones. Or “True Wireless”, if you want to tell it a bit like “I speak in original version”.

According to several well-informed sources (John Prosser is the leaker which announced the release of the iPhone SE), these new headphones should even have been launched in March, but their release was delayed, for obvious reasons of the coronavirus crisis. They could therefore be presented as early as next month, at the same time as the new MacBook Pro.

Soon an Apple headset?

But this is not the only audio project that is currently under study by Apple. The apple brand is currently working on AirPods X, headphones for sports use, which could be priced around $ 200. And above all, the American giant would like to release its very first headphones. Even if Apple bought the Beats brand (founded by rapper Dr Dre in 2006) for some three billion dollars in 2014. Ultimately, the Cupertino company’s plan would be to replace all Beats products with Apple products. , and thus continue to develop its ecosystem, from fingertips to ears …

This very first Apple headset could also be presented in June, during the Apple WWDC 2020 conference. In the coming weeks, we should therefore find out how to add apple to honey cages …

While waiting to discover Apple’s audio novelties, you can already equip yourself with AirPods Pro on the SFR online store.

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