Android Auto

The "Android Auto for Mobile" application arrives on the Google Play store, to make it easier to use on some smartphones.

While waiting to find a better solution, Google allows users to easily find the Android Auto application on a smartphone running Android 10.

Android Auto for mobile gets a place on the Play Store

As the description of the application on the Play Store makes very clear: " This application allows you to use Android Auto on the screen of a phone equipped with Android 10 ".

"Android Auto for Mobile" is intended for those who have an Android 10 smartphone, a car devoid of Android Auto, and whose application Android Auto no longer appears on the launcher.

Android Auto

A temporary solution

Recall that the admission of Google, this is a temporary application, thought to fill the gap taken by the new Google Driving Driving Mode.

In early September, Google announced the imminent arrival of an Android Auto application on the Play Store. Indeed, since Android 10, Android Auto application is integrated directly to the phone to facilitate exchanges between it and the screen of the vehicle. This native integration made a priori obsolete the need for a separate application. However, this posed problems for users who do not have a smartphone with the latest version of the operating system, or a car that is not compatible, and can no longer use the application directly and only on their phone.

It is therefore to overcome these difficulties that Google has integrated in its Play Store this new "Android Auto for Mobile", which just download to find a simple and direct access to the application.

Remember that Android Auto allows you to develop a route with Google Maps, to use Google Assistant, access his contacts, send and receive messages, but also manage some applications, including Spotify (but not YouTube Music a priori …). Everything, directly from the smartphone screen so.

Of course, as soon as the new Google Assistant Driving Mode becomes available, "Android Auto for Mobile" will no longer be needed, but by then you know what you have to do.

Source: The Verge