Already confirmed last year by our colleagues VGC, Electronic Arts took advantage of its quarterly review to confirm the release of the next Battlefield opus and unveil the first official details around the game. Andrew Wilson, current CEO of EA reassures players and the fans. The Covid-19 pandemic will not have got the better of the DICE teams who will be on time. The announcement should not delay with the arrival of the first information.

Battlefield: In 2021 on next-gen

Battlefield 2021 Next-Gen

© Electronic Arts

So it was during his last conference call with investors that Andrew Wilson, current CEO of Electronic Arts, said a few words about the upcoming Battlefield. The very popular DICE shooter is one of the most anticipated games of the next few years to make people forget the disappointments of the latest opus.

Andrew Wilson confirms that the release of the next Battlefield is scheduled for the end of 2021 on next-gen consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X / S), on PC and old-gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One). The game should not be postponed since it is “well ahead of its schedule” of development.

The announcement of the game is scheduled for spring 2021, between mid-March and the end of June. Not to leave players and investors hungry, the CEO of EA has still announced that this new Battlefield will offer “massive and immersive battles” with “more players than ever before”.

Andrew Wilson also specifies that this next Battlefield opus will mark the return of the military wars that made the license so successful. Without surprises, DICE will fully exploit the power of next-gen consoles to offer a unique experience.

These first information seem to confirm rumors from last month. According to a well-known insider in the Battlefield community, the next installment would be a reboot (start from scratch) which is inspired by the military wars of Battlefield 3 and 4 (the two most loved episodes by fans). Also according to the insider, the new game would also offer an online mode for up to 128 players. This ties in with statements from the CEO of EA who promises “massive and immersive battles” with “more players than ever before”. To be continued !