When the Apple Watch Series 5 was released, several variations were offered. Depending on the strap, the material or even the color and size, it was thus possible to personalize the device to your preferences. Among the hundreds of possible combinations, some have opted for a ceramic dial. But only the color white was then available for this choice.

However, according to recent images (identified once again on Twitter), it turns out that the manufacturer has thought about a shiny black version. This one will never have seen the light of day, but is reminiscent of the similar iPhone seen in our columns not long ago. The latter would have finally been eliminated from Apple’s program, because of too conspicuous fingerprints. It is impossible to know if the same problem has occurred with the smartwatch, but it is very likely.

A real prototype?

If it is impossible to verify the authenticity of these photos, we can nevertheless look at the results of its source to try to find out more. According to AppleTrack, which analyzes the rumors published here and there, the @laobaiTD account which is not at its first attempt would have in fact already been wrong twice out of four before … It’s up to you, then.

On the case in question, we notice all the same that everything seems to correspond precisely to the Watch model released with the Series 5. We can therefore recognize not only the Digital Crown dial on the edge of the accessory, but also the dedicated hole. microphone and the characteristic square format with its rounded corners. But the screen is missing, so the carcass could have been stolen directly from an Asian factory.

Series 5: always a good deal

Today, the Apple Watch Series 5 is simply no longer marketed as Apple unveiled its successor in a keynote late last year. But the previous version remains very well made, since adopting exactly the same design with a few shades. You can still buy it off-the-shelf, but at a very low price compared to the new one, which signifies an excellent opportunity to save for an almost equivalent value proposition.

Forget on the other hand the altimeter always activated and the sensor of oxygen level in the blood, reserved for the most recent high-end tocantes.

Apple Watch S5 at the best price Base price: 449 €

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