Hyundai Vision T

The Hyundai Vision T concept was featured at the LA Auto Show 2019. This model foreshadows the next generation of Tucson, expected for vintage 2021.

The Los Angeles Auto Show is currently in full swing across the Atlantic. As the outcome of the days reserved for the press looms, in order to then welcome the general public, the advertisements are linked and are not alike. Just like the hybrid concept Vision T introduced by the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai in an official press release.

Elegant silhouette

The one that prefigures the next generation of Tucson launched in the course of the year 2021 is like a coupe SUV with a neat and elegant look. Its horizontal roof line is accompanied by a rather long hood, all marked geometric edges and square wheel arches. In short, this product displays a silhouette of the most refined that foreshadows a promising series model.

Hyundai Vision T

The Asian firm is however discreet about the technical characteristics of his vehicle. Only its dimensions have been communicated: length of 4.60 meters, width of 2.01 meters, height of 1.70 meters and a wheelbase of 2.80 meters. Already mentioned above, the engine is equipped with a rechargeable hybrid system.

"Blue Drive"

As a result, a loading hatch equipped with a sliding cover invites itself to the side of the rear passenger. During the charging session, the progress of the process appears as a circular progress bar, accompanied by the name "Blue Drive" which lights up for the occasion.

Hyundai Vision T

Source: Carscoops