Still developed by Kylotonn, WRC 9 launched at the very beginning of September on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Like other titles (Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, DiRT5 …), WRC 9 is eligible for the program Smart Delivery and Free PS5 Upgrade, which allows owners of a next-gen console to enjoy a free update to their game. After an already very successful WRC 8, this WRC 9 is following in the footsteps of its predecessor, with the added bonus of a good next-gen overhaul.

WRC9 on PS5 at the best price

WRC 9: the official game of the WRC

WRC 9 is the latest officially licensed World Rally Championship game. Understand by this that the title is overflowing with official licenses, with real pilots, real cars, but also all the emblematic stages, in Monte Carlo, New Zealand, Sardinia, Japan, Sweden … There is bitumen , dirt, mud, snow, gravel… in short, it’s a real rally simulation pure juice.


A WRC 9 which offers many game modes, including a Career mode which allows you to climb the ranks, with a little fairly basic management on the menu, but you can also embark on a simple race, in a championship or even take up various challenges, without forgetting the seasonal events … The interface is very sober, very clean, we are far from the loud and loud side of DiRT5.


On the racing side, in addition to the WRC vehicles, the game also allows you to enjoy the joys of the WRC Junior models, but also WRC 2 / WRC 3, not to mention legendary vehicles such as the Alpine A110, the Lancia Delta or the Citroën Xsara WRC from 2005. There is plenty to do, and the behavior of the different cars is really very different, with excellent throttle sensations in hand.


Graphically, despite some rather dubious textures sometimes and a certain tendency to popping, WRC 9 does the job, with nice environments, some cool effects, but especially in terms of sound and handling that the game excels.

Indeed, the audio section is very impressive, both in terms of the reproduction of engine sounds and the gravel that slam under the car. The steering (configurable) is also very precise, and WRC 9 requires a certain requirement, a real concentration, and a good use of the handbrake, not to go to the fault with each braking. Of course, no rewind here (like in a 2020 F1 car), and every driving error can cause serious damage, and a significant loss of time.

A next-gen game or still not?

For a few days now, WRC 9 has been offered in a “next-gen” version, on Xbox Series X as well as on PS5. Compared to the PS4 / Xbox One versions, the game offers a new all-4K rendering, with the added bonus of ultra-smooth animation at 60 fps. A fluidity that obviously suits a racing game like WRC 9.


Visually, the whole is in 4K certainly, but that does not prevent the rather dubious textures mentioned above from remaining just as dubious in 4K. Overall, the game is a cut above (and fortunately), with overall finer rendering, but also (and most importantly) super fast loads.


Indeed, if the previous versions displayed rather long “loadings”, this WRC 9 next-gen version divides them by 5, and loading a special now only requires a handful of seconds. The return to the menu is immediate.

This does not necessarily improve the experience once launched on the track, but this almost total absence of loads nevertheless contributes to a much more pleasant playing comfort.


Our opinion on WRC 9

Very (very) close to its predecessor, WRC 9 undoubtedly remains a title to recommend to all rally enthusiasts. We are a long way here from the very bad WRCs launched a few years ago, and the latest addition from Kylotonn is a real success. Not perfect visually, but very impressive from an audio point of view and offering a rather demanding gameplay, WRC 9 is the new benchmark of the genre (in the absence of real competition), and is even more appreciable on next-gen consoles. , thanks to its 4K 60 fps compatibility and its loadings reduced to their strict minimum.

Test carried out using a digital version of WRC 9, on Xbox Series X


€ 59.99

WRC 9 test

WE love

  • The official WRC game
  • Demanding gameplay
  • General interface
  • In 4K 60 fps on Xbox Series X and PS5
  • Almost non-existent loads (on Xbox Series X and PS5)

We like less

  • Some textures …
  • Still a bit austere