One year after the release of the first edition, the DJI company launched the new Mavic Mini 2 drone. This is the upgraded version of the Mavic Mini.

Last year the Mavic Mini was the smallest and lightest drone on the market. However, it presented some compromises. This year the DJI revealed the Mavic Mini 2, but this time around it tried to fill in the gaps of its predecessor. What are the specificities of the Mavic Mini 2? Discover our test!


The DJI Mavic Mini 2 is light and compact. he is also easy to fly compared to other drones. This new drone weighs less than 250 grams. Thereby, it can fly under the radar of the Federal Aviation Administration. It is for these different reasons that the Mavic Mini 2 is more suitable for beginners.

Technical characteristics

  • Drone size (folded): 131 x 81 x 58 millimeters
  • Weight: 249 grams
  • Flight time: 31 minutes
  • Camera sensor: 1 / 2.3 inch, 12 MP CMOS
  • Video resolution: 4K / 30p @ 100Mbps
  • Photo file type: JPEG + RAW
  • Video File Type: MP4
  • Zoom capability: 2X at 4K, 2K at 2.7K, 4X at 1080p
  • Transmission: OcuSync 2.0
  • Maximum distance: 10 km
  • Image Modes: Auto Exposure Bracketing, Triple Shot, Timed Shots
  • Price: 459 euros

Mavic Mini 2: the best drone for beginners

DJI Mavic Mini 2 review: Design and conception

Seen from the outside, the new Mavic Mini 2 drone is identical to its predecessor. It is small, compact and light. In fact, it weighs 249 grams. Therefore, you do not have no need to register with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The DJI Mavic Mini 2 sports the same design of folding arm than all other drones manufactured by the DJI company. When folded, it is the same size as a Smartphone. So it is easy to store in a backpack. This new drone also has a strap. The latter wraps around the drone to secure the propeller blades.

Mavic Mini 2: the best drone for beginners

DJI Mavic Mini 2 review: the camera

The new DJI Mavic Mini 2 drone has a sensor 1 / 2.3 ” CMOS and one 12 MP camera perched on a 3-axis gimbal. It also has a 24mm fixed-aperture F2.8 lens, 83 ° field of view, and an ISO range of 100 to 3200.

The quality of the video

The quality of the DJI Mavic Mini 2 video is improving greatly. You can now shoot videos at resolutions up to 4K / 30 fps. So he can take 30 frames per second at a rate of 100 Mbps.

When shooting video in 1080p, you can have 2x and 4x digital zoom. However, you do not have the possibility of increasing the zoom in increments, it goes directly from 1x, 2x or 4x. Note that when you zoom to the maximum, the image quality deteriorates.

The video quality of the Mavic Mini 2 is clean and artefact free. The colors have a uniform and neutral tone. However, its performance crumbles as soon as the sun goes down. The quality becomes dark and unusable unless there are strong light sources in the scene.

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New features

This new version is able to capture Raw images in addition to the Jpeg. Thanks to Wide Panorama mode, the drone can take nine photos. He then puts them together to create a 180 degree image.

The DJI Mavic Mini 2 has a automatic exposure bracketing. So the drone can take three photos : one underexposed, one normal and one overexposed. These 3 photos are then merged to obtain a good quality image.

Mavic Mini 2: the best drone for beginners

DJI Mavic Mini 2 review: the controls

The DJI Mavic Mini 2’s controller is twice the size of its predecessor. It looks more like the controller of the Mavic Air 2. It has a extendable arm on the top to hold your Smartphone.


In the central left area, the controller has a button ” Back to Home “. This button orders the drone to return to the point of origin. To the right of the controller you will find the button “Power”.

The “Fn” button which is located in the upper left corner activates an auxiliary light. This feature is useful when landing in poorly lit scenarios. The “Photo / Video” button allows you to instantly switch between these two modes.

The different flight modes

In the center of the controller is a switch. The latter allows you to navigate between three flight modes, to know : Cinema, Normal and Sport. For Cine mode, the drone slows down to 13 mph. With this speed limiter, it is easier to obtain smoother movements.

When you switch to Normal mode, the speed changes to 22 mph, and Sport mode allows the drone to fly up to 36 mph and 57 km / h. With this speed you will notice that the gimbal is a bit jerky during tight turns.

Mavic Mini 2: the best drone for beginners

DJI Mavic Mini 2 review: the DJI Fly app

Thanks to the DJI Fly app, the DJI Mavic Mini 2 is more easy to control. At the top, a progress line gives you an overview of the battery life. The control panel is accessible in the upper right corner.

On the left side, above the shutter button, is a rectangular photo icon. The latter opens a menu that serves as access to all the features you need to capture images. By clicking on it, a menu displaying the options Photo, Video, QuickShot and Pano appears.

The Photo and Video menu

In the Photo option, you can select regular shots, automatic exposure bracketing or Wide Panorama mode. The Video menu allows you to choose the resolution. This is because when you start recording, a zoom button displaying “2X” or “4X” appears. You can drag it up and down to zoom in or out.

The QuickShots menu

The DJI Mavic Mini 2 offers five different options for QuickShots, to know Dronie, Helix, Rocket, Circle, and Boomerang. However, like the Mavic Mini version, the new DJI Mavic Mini 2 does not have smart flight mode.

Panorama menu

It exists three different options to create a panorama. Indeed, the option “Sphere” capture twenty-six images, option “180º” captures seven images for a landscape perspective and the option ” large “ captures nine images to compose a 3 x 3 tile. However, it does not has no option to create a vertical panorama.

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DJI Mavic Mini 2 review: Performance

The Mavic Mini 2 is agile, stable and easy to fly compared to other DJI drones. During the test, the drone took off and hovered in the air. He remained motionless as if he was still on the ground.

DJI has upgraded the engine of the new Mavic Mini 2 drone. Thus, it has faster acceleration and top speed of 35.8 mph. In addition, this drone is now equipped withan autonomy of 31 minutes. It is also resistant to wind gusts of 24 mph.

DJI Mavic Mini 2 review: OcuSync 2.0

If you’ve ever tested the Mavic Mini, you know how sensitive video transmission can be to interference. Fortunately, thanks to OcuSync 2.0, these problems are mitigated in the new version Mavic Mini 2. Indeed, with OcuSync 2.0, there are more reliability regarding the connectivity between the drone and the controller. DJI claims the Mavic Mini 2 is capable reach a range of 10 kilometers.

DJI Mavic Mini 2 review: Verdict

The DJI Mavic Mini 2 is a drone suitable for beginners. This time around, the DJI took into account the community’s feedback and made some significant improvements. Despite a few minor issues, the Mavic Mini 2 remains a versatile drone that is easy to use and convenient to carry. In short, it brings together many powerful features in a small package.

Good points

  • 4K camera with zoom capabilities
  • Capture raw photos
  • OccuSync 2.0 transmission
  • Quieter engines compared to its predecessor
  • Easy to fly
  • Long flight time

Negative points

  • No obstacle avoidance sensor
  • No MOV file
  • Limited motion tracking

Design and ergonomics – 9

Performance – 7

Battery life – 8

Price / quality ratio – 9


Design : compact, light and small.

Performances : improved engine, but does not have obstacle avoidance sensor.

Battery life : The battery life has been improved.

Quality / price ratio : affordable price

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