The month of November 2020 will forever be a milestone in the history of video games, as it marks the end of the eighth generation of consoles, with the launch of two new machines. Launched in February 2011 with the Nintendo 3DS, this generation of console took off in November 2013 with the release of the Xbox One and the PS4. The Nintendo Switch in March 2017 was thus the last console of this eighth generation, and we knew then that the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft were going to write a new page in the history of video games that have continued to evolve. exponentially over the past 50 years.

“Available” since November 10 around the world, the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S opened the ball of the next-gen and in the most beautiful way for Microsoft. Indeed, the two new Xbox “Series” achieve the biggest launch of a video game console at Microsoft since the launch of the firm in this industry in November 2001.

To pay a last tribute to the Xbox One, on this last weekend of November 2020, the lemon squeezer team looks back on the (exclusive) games that stand out from this console.

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Stephane review Xbox One games



Megaman at night. But high-tech editor, and specialized in the video games section at Presse-citron by day, Stephane is naturally a great player and passionate. Here are the best experiences he has on Xbox One.

Ryse: Son of Rome : Launched at the same time as the Xbox One (in November 2013), Ryse: Son of Rome remains a game apart. Despite limited interest, the game was then a real technological showcase, able to crack more than one player for the new Microsoft console. A game that was however quickly forgotten by players, as by Microsoft for that matter …

Forza Horizon 4 : Undoubtedly the best opus of the saga, and incidentally the best open-world racing game ever developed. While waiting for its successor, Forza Horizon 4 is the craziest and most complete (arcade) driving experience to date.

Ori & the Blind Forest : Despite a second opus launched this year, the first Ori & the Blind Forest retains a magical aura and this “precursor” side. Clearly one of the best Xbox exclusives of the (just) past generation.

Gears 5 : Unlike Ryse: Son of Rome, Gears 5 is the technological showcase for the end of the Xbox One generation. An ultra solid title technically speaking, a true benchmark of the genre, and now in 4K 60 fps on Xbox Series X.

Halo Master Chief Collection : Because it all started with Halo, it’s hard to ignore this absolutely essential compilation. Again, on the new generation of Xbox, Halo is full of novelty, including a brand new 120 fps display.



Chris Xbox One games review



Writer specializing in video games alongside Stephane, I am also a big fan of this medium and I naturally spent countless hours on the Xbox One to discover the exclusives of the firm. If I had to remember only five …

Sea of ​​thieves : I did not play a lot of Sea of ​​Thieves and I was even rather a spectator of the game. But that could have been enough to make me have very good moments, to recall good memories to me, and to show me all the potential of the game. title that I risk squatting for many hours in the weeks and months to come on Xbox Series X!

Ori & The Blind Forest : It was one of my first experiences on Xbox One and what a snap. A sumptuous artistic direction, a narrative and dreamlike game that makes us travel in the most beautiful way with an exceptional soundtrack. Alas, his side “Metroidvania” had got the better of me at the time and I had not had the courage to come to the end. But what a universe!

Ori And The Will of the Wisps : I risk not being very original, but I have to place Ori and the Will of the Wisps in this top. This sequel takes the same path (almost perfect) of the first opus and improves it a little further. This time, the “Metroidvania” side is still present, but quite accessible for novices of the genre. The game is less punitive, more enjoyable and still in a sumptuous artistic direction, an even more effective gameplay and a soundtrack composed by Gareth Coker which is… Perfect.

Tell me why : The latest from French studio Dontnod Entertainment (pending Twin Mirror this week), Tell Me Why is an episodic three-part game that was released in September 2020 exclusively on Windows platforms (Xbox One and PC). And again, what a video game lesson. Largely inspired by Life is Strange, Tell Me Why features a brother and sister (Tyler and Alyson) on a journey to find the truth about their mother’s death. A game that will deal with many sensitive subjects such as suicide, schizophrenia, but also sexuality since Tyler is transgender. The whole thing, sublimated told by the Dontnod teams.

Forza Horizon 4 : How not to quote it? Forza Horizon 4 is without a doubt the quintessential car game (and not only on Windows platforms). Graphically flawless (and even more beautiful now on Xbox Series X). A fun gameplay that is a very good alternative between arcade and simulation. A detailed and dense map. For all car lovers, Forza Horizon 4 is holy bread. Without doubt the most successful and efficient opus and we are already eager to discover where a potential Forza Horizon 5 will take us on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. be for now!

And you ? What are the Xbox One games that marked you between 2013 and 2020?