It’s now five days that the PS5 is “available” in France and around the world. A console promised to a beautiful destiny in the tradition of its big sister the PS4. However, it will probably take a few years before you can take full advantage of the machine.

Indeed, in an interview with agency, Jim Ryan the current president of Sony Interactive Entertainment announces that the full power and the best potential of this PS5 will not be reached before 2022 at best. Good news for some, but a bit of frustration for others?

PS5 at the top in 2022

Like the PS4, you shouldn’t expect to experience the most impressive and craziest experiences in the machine’s first year on the market. Indeed, Jim Ryan announces that it takes time for developers to get used to the new machine and new technologies and that one should not expect incredible things right away.

History shows that the developers progressed only in the second or third year. They usually need some time to get used to the material. So it will probably be in 2022 that gamers will see wonderful things like 2015 or 2016 in the previous generation.

Even if this honest statement is to the credit of the CEO of the Japanese firm, a lot of questions remain in the heads of the players. What is the situation of highly anticipated games like Horizon Forbidden West, God of War II or Gran Turismo 7, all three of which are promising to be flagship games for the PS5 and which should arrive by the end of 2021 or mid-year? 2022. Should we expect games that are “restricted” or less ambitious than the first games on PS4?

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Jim Ryan doesn’t say if this will apply to games from Sony’s First Party Studios (the studios that are owned by Sony) or if it is for third-party publishers (whose games are released on PS5 and Xbox Series X).

It is certain that not all studios have the same experience and that some will adapt much faster than others. It will still be quite interesting to see what experiences are offered by the PS5 from 2021, because the first games are still very impressive.