It is a real scourge from year to year and it is clearly getting worse with the rise of social networks. Many rather harmful Internet users defend their product and their favorite console body and soul (and unfortunately, it is not only in video games that this sad observation appears).

As if the consumer himself had to convince himself that he was right to justify his purchase and to rest easy. These “fanboys” who are real cancers for each industry and for true enthusiasts do not hesitate to denigrate, insult and fall into the absurd to defend their brand, their product, their choice and their opinion.

Whether it’s other fans, journalists, influencers, everyone faces this scourge and this (free) hatred that results from simply having different opinions. A little game that does not really please the brands and in particular Phil Spencer, boss of the branch Xbox who wanted to react on the subject during an interview with the site The Verge.

“This behavior is inappropriate. I truly despise him. ”

Phil Spencer Teases Big Game Pass Ad

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Reported by Phil Spencer:

To be blunt, I love the industry I’m in. It’s the job I love. My wife tells me that it’s the only job I’m good at, but it’s clearly the job I love. But this tribalism within the industry is the only thing that could force me to leave it. […]

Especially in the console world, I think the more hardcore hardcore gamers have taken the “I really want this stuff to fail so that the stuff I bought will succeed” a destructive level. And when I say that, I’m talking about both sides (of PlayStation and Xbox fans). And I’m not saying that there are only people in the pack who beat Xbox and all people who love Xbox are always welcoming to PlayStation products. I have said in the past that I find this behavior inappropriate. But it may not be strong enough. I truly despise him.

I don’t think others have to fail in order for us to achieve our goals. And this is not a story of “everyone is beautiful. ” It’s the truth. We are in the entertainment business. Our biggest competitor is indifference to our products, our services and the games we produce.

Although it is certain that this will not help matters, since these same fanboys are content to read what they want to read, understand what they want to understand and hear what they want to hear. It’s a good initiative and nice words from Phil Spencer that deserve to be highlighted.