The Google Stadia Buddy Pass is available!

As you know, it's been ten days now that Google Stadia has been launched. If the service of Google has been deployed a little prematurely according to some, including many features that are missing, Stadia will, over the weeks, propose new features and new games. Recently, it's the Buddy Pass system that has arrived.

Indeed, all holders of a Google Stadia Founder's Edition can now take a look at the application Stadia, to discover a small envelope. A click on it reveals a mysterious activation code is the famous Buddy Pass!

The Google Stadia Buddy Pass is available

Three months of free Stadia Pro?

Therefore, the user can choose to send his Buddy Pass to a friend (or not), so as to offer him free access to Stadia Pro for a total of 3 months. The perfect opportunity (according to Google) to cooperate in Destiny 2, one of the "free" games offered to any Stadia Pro subscriber. Obviously, the person receiving the Buddy Pass will have to install the Stadia application on their smartphone to start using the service.

While the Founder's Edition comes with the official Google Stadia gamepad, the Buddy Pass does not (thankfully) require that the user also has the Google controller, and the latter can quite use " many popular controllers Or even a mouse and keyboard to play via Google Chrome.

Recall that since the launch of Stadia, Google has to face many complaints (often justified) from users. This often concerns the quality of the service itself, including a promise of 4K 60 fps that is not required, but also a fairly limited line-up, even if Google quickly wanted to react to this level, with 2 new free games and a catalog enriched compared to what had been announced before the exit of the service.