We already knew that the new iPhone11 Pro were more resistant than the previous models, offering in particular a waterproofing of the smartphone machinery. However, what we did not know is that the strength of the latest flagship of the Apple company went even further than that: it could withstand bullets fired by firearms (please do not take the test at you).

At least that’s what an engineer from the Apple brand tells about Reddit, extremely popular online discussion forum. The latter teaches us that yes, the iPhone 11 Pro could save lives.

The man says he found himself in the middle of a shooting, during a party, in the United States. He was then allegedly targeted by a bullet fired from a firearm. However, at this precise moment, the engineer from Apple was holding the iPhone 11 Pro in his hand. The smartphone thus ended up in the trajectory of the bullet: it was he who received the impact instead of its owner. Not only would he not have been injured, the device would still seem to be working, as shown in a photo he shared on social media.

Of course, for now, the story has not yet been confirmed by an official body and it is possible that it is simply a montage to make the buzz. However, this is not the first time that this kind of event has occurred. We remember in particular, on November 13, 2015, during the attacks at the Stade de France, a man who had been rescued in extremis by his Samsung smartphone which he held in his ear and had thus avoided a bullet impact directed at his head.

Sources: Reddit, Franceinfo